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Client Testimonial:

"Just wanted to thank you for all your help in restoring and correcting just about all the issues in our credit report. In a very short period of time you were able to increase our credit score quite a bit with all three credit reporting agencies."

Joyce & James Forrester
Naples, Florida

"Good Job on my repair! All the accounts on my credit report have been restored to what they should be. As a result, my credit score has responed by almost 100 points. My score is now at 713, according to Brant. He is in the process of putting together my loan package.

Thanks again,

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Why a 5 Step Credit Repair Program?

A 5 Step Credit Repair Program is 5 times more effective, yielding the highest possible increase in your credit scores in the shortest amount of time. FICO designed Credit Scores based on 5 very different fundamental factors. Knowing this, we've engineered a 5 Step Credit Repair Program that successfully repairs and improves all 5 of those factors.

   5 Factors of Your Credit Score
  5 Step Credit Repair Program

Why EZ Credit Repair?

We have been rated #1 in over-all credit score increases for over 10 years. We pride ourselves in customer service and personal attention, customizing each repair. We are the only company that help you repair all 5 parts of your credit to get you the best results possible.

Experience: Repairing credit and raising credit scores for over 13 years and we've never received a complaint from the Better Business Bureau, the Attorney Generals Office or the Federal Trade Commission.

Education: We not only help you repair your credit, we strive to educate you on what credit is and how it works. We want you to know how to use and manage your credit for life!


By removing your "Bad Credit", we can strengthen your "Payment History"
improving 35% of your credit scores!

By "Rapid Rescoring" your existing accounts, we can rapidly update your balances
improving 30% of your credit scores!

By adding "Seasoned Trade lines", we can introduce a longer "Length of Credit History"
improving 15% of your credit scores!

By adding different "Types of Credit", you will show diversity
improving 10% of your credit scores!

By "Removing Inquiries", we can reduce the "Numberof Inquiries",
improving 10% of your credit scores! ______________________________________________________________

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