Changing Lives, One Credit Score at a time!
What is Rapid Rescoring?                                                     

 Rapid Rescoring is the process of quickly updating account information
 reporting with the all three credit agencies, usually resulting in an increase in
 your credit scores.

How Does Rapid Rescore increase my credit score?
 Rapid Rescoring increases your credit score when you update information on
 accounts to show lower balances, paid in full status, account deletions,
 settlements, etc. Your credit report can potentially contain old information that
 can hurt your credit score. Creditors typically update credit reports only once
 per month. Some creditors only update credit reports four times per year. It is
 important to take control over what is reporting in your credit report.

 How Much will Rapid Rescore Increase my Credit Score?
 Implementing a well thought out rapid rescore strategy can potentially increase
 your credit score by 15-35+ per account in just 5-7 business days. Rapid
 rescoring several accounts may increase your credit score much higher. It is not
 unheard of to see increases of 50+ points by rapid rescoring several accounts.
 Our credit repair experts will help you to create a rapid rescore strategy that
 will maximize your credit score now.

Rapid Rescore is expensive & typically exclusive to Industry Professionals.
Not anymore. Now you have the ability to take advantage of the rapid rescoring process. Rapid rescore has been the most utilized method of increasing credit scores when applying for a mortgage. The average cost to rapid rescore an account is $30 per credit agency. If you want it updated with all three credit agencies that would cost you $90. That is just too much . Everyone of our credit repair programs offers you an unlimited amount of rapid rescoring. You can rapid rescore as much as you want.

When should I Rapid Rescore?
You should rapid rescore your accounts about a week and a half to two weeks before applying for credit. By rapid rescoring your accounts you can increase your credit score substantially and save yourself thousands in finance charges. Rapid rescoring can help you get approved for credit that you might otherwise be denied for due to inaccurate or outdated information on your credit report.

How do I Rapid Rescore?
To successfully rapid rescore an account, you must provide us with the necessary documentation reflecting the information that needs to be changed. Proper documentation will typically be in the form of Account Statements, Letter from Creditors and Court Documentation.

The documentation must include the following information:

- Your Full Name
- Account Number
- Creditors Letterhead
- Creditors Contact Information
- The Information to be updated

Please fax this documentation to (866) 979-1097 along with a fax cover letter explaining what information needs to be updated.

Unacceptable Documentation:

- Website or Internet printouts
- Canceled Checks
- Receipts
- Hand Written Letters or Notes
- Third Party Documentation